With 45 rooms and 11 suites, the Lancaster has a mansion and ‘small palace’ feeling.

French gastronomy, an opportunity to visit Paris with your head in the stars

The French way of life, when gastronomy contributes to the success of your stay in Paris

Gastronomy is one of France's attractions, and a stay in Paris guarantees visitors a taste of the pleasures of the table. Finding a starred restaurant near the Champs Elysées remains one of the solutions to let oneself be caught up by these pleasures, even if tourists will always prefer to take height, as if having lunch as close as possible to the emblematic monuments of the capital. But French gastronomy is not limited to restaurants displaying the stars of the famous red guide. Cooking in France belongs to this French art of living, and even establishments, having succumbed to the trend of gastronomy, will have at heart to sublimate the local productions of each of the regions of France.

For if the star restaurants sublimate the creativity and talent of the great chefs of French cuisine, it is the products of the different terroirs of France that are in the spotlight when you come to the table. So why not offer yourself a real Tour de France without leaving the capital?

Discovering the French terroirs at the table of a starred restaurant on the Champs Elysées

It is near the Champs Elysées, that all Parisians attend each year the arrival of one of the most popular sporting events: the Tour de France. And it is just a stone's throw from this most beautiful avenue in the world, that the starred restaurant Monsieur has prepared its Tour de France for you with the chef's recipes. The ambition of this star-studded restaurant near the Champs Elysées is to honour local production and sublimate each of the riches of the French terroir. In an enchanting and attractive setting, the Hôtel Lancaster, the restaurant Monsieur, 2 stars in the Michelin guide, combines the tradition of French gastronomy with the originality and creativity of its chef.

It is an inventive cuisine, which is served in the very heart of this luxury hotel that is the Lancaster, whose illustrious guests have already, in the past, praised elegance and refinement. Now it's your turn to sit down in this starry restaurant in the 8th district, taking, who knows, the place of Marlène Dietrich or Clark Gable.