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Lancaster’s sustainable commitments

Your Parisian home has been making sustainability an integral part of its history for many years now. Aware of today's social and environmental challenges, our aim is to offer you a unique experience with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our efforts are therefore focused on three main priorities: the environment, our talents and our partners.


Our environmental responsibility

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  • The welcome products are 500ml, French, natural, vegan and organic.
  • A sign is provided for customers to let us know if they wish to change their linen.
  • We minimize plastic use with cloth laundry bags and glass water bottles
  • Our cleaning products are eco-certified and we use bamboo fiber towels.
  • Used cooking oil is recycled and transformed into biofuel
  • Lighting in common areas is activated by presence detection
  • We use LED bulbs
  • Faucets are fitted with aerators to help save water
  • We are committed to waste recycling, including cardboard, wood, metal, batteries and food waste.
  • Customer invoices are sent by e-mail to save paper
  • Human Resources communication with employees is dematerialized
  • By signing up with Unisoap, we want to take action for the environment by reducing soap waste
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Our social development initiatives

  • Particular attention is paid to the welcome and integration process
  • The training program is adapted to the employee
  • Our job offers are inclusive and open to people with disabilities.
  • Our HR department is committed to recruiting differently, by taking part in recruitment days focusing on soft skills.
  • We work to improve the ergonomics of our infrastructures to make work easier.
  • Energy-saving awareness campaigns (all eco-responsible)
  • The Gender Equality Index at the end of 2019 was 98.8/10.
  • For several years we have been awarded the “She Travel” prize for establishments that ensure the well-being and safety of women
  • A one-night guest experience is offered to all new employees
  • The Lancaster has signed a sponsorship agreement to donate unused mattresses to people in need.
  • With Unisoap, we contribute to the integration and inclusion of workers with disabilities
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Our commitment to a local economy

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  • The bread is made in a local bakery, Bacillus. The flours used are organic and from Ile de France.
  • All the fish on the menu is caught by Petit Bateau and Eco Responsible “Reynaud”.
  • Our chef, Sébastien Giroud, is a member of the Maîtres Restaurateurs association.
  • Our welcome products are signed Terre de Mars: a French, vegan & organic brand.
  • Our meats come from France and Germany
  • Our hydroalcoholic gel is made in-house
  • Our spirits come from the Paris distillery
  • Our glass jars are recycled for the inclusive company Le Karithé, which transforms them into scented candles.
  • In partnership with Unisoap, we aim to give underprivileged people in France access to hygiene via local associations
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