Brunch Palace Paris, rendez-vous at Monsieur Restaurant

The Hotel Lancaster is one of the most elegant hotels in Paris, a 5-star hotel that fascinates by its history. We also come here for its restaurant, Monsieur, that's its name, and for its brunch palace Paris among the most famous.


Luxury Brunch Paris, a refined experience

You will not yet be at the Monsieur Restaurant, where the Hotel Lancaster offers its brunch palace Paris that you will already be under the charm of the place. If the hotel has been completely renovated very recently, it still offers an atmosphere full of personality, with a decoration made of art objects and collectibles. This is not insignificant, it leaves at each step in the restaurant and the public areas of the hotel, a beautiful feeling of comfort, intimacy and exclusivity. The magnificent view on the patio also plays a big part in the pleasure of this luxury Paris brunch. Summer and winter alike, it floods the room with natural light and offers the possibility to escape to this oasis of greenery, while you are less than 100 meters from the Champs Elysées.


Your Parisian palace brunch, a gourmet getaway

Whatever the season, your desires, your tastes, you will not come out unscathed from a brunch in a Parisian palace like the one at Monsieur Restaurant rue de Berri. If the prestige of the restaurant is no longer to be made, it is the same for the brunch. We appreciate the refinement of the plate, the flavors that blend subtly, we like to know that we are eating seasonal, local when possible and especially products of exceptional quality. There are of course the very chic verrines, where the foie gras competes for the place of honor with the gambas. There are those meats and seafood, where one hesitates between oysters, salmon, langoustines or roast beef. There is this infinite tray of desserts where the most greedy won't know where to put their heads. If the menu of this brunch palace Paris, close to the Place de L'Etoile, changes regularly, it is indeed the interest, but it never makes an oddity on the freshness of the products, their exceptional character. In the end, it is the pleasure that you will have to come and have your palace brunch in Paris at the Hotel Lancaster that will never be questioned.